Wide format serial printer with fusing the world top class production speed and high quality printing




Short lead time

Large format serial printer with world top class productivity that corresponds to short lead time.

High quality printing

Allows wide format printing product to become on demand by printhead with high resolution and by the
use of maximum 8 colors to achieve wide-range color gamut.

Main Features

Textile on demand printer

Achieves the world top class production speed and corresponds with short lead time to realize high
profitability. It also creates application with high added value by high quality printing up to
1,200dpi x 1,200xpi resolution.

Main specifications

Printing method Piezoelectronic drop on demand system line head
Max. Printing width 1,800mm / 2,400mm / 3,400mm
Max. media width 1,800mm / 2,400mm / 3,400mm
Max. print resolution 1200dpi
Number of carriage 1 carriage
Number of color 8 color


Productivity MTP1800 MTP2400 MTP3400
Basic resolution mode 800 sqm/h 880 sqm/h 1,000 sqm/h
Mid resolution mode 560 sqm/h 580 sqm/h 660 sqm/h
High resolution mode 240 sqm/h 280 sqm/h 300 sqm/h
Premium resolution mode 140 sqm/h 160 sqm/h 180 sqm/h

※The above productivity is for MTP series ultra high speed type. Low speed, Mid speed and High speed type are also available.