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Self seal mailer making machine MCC

High-speed and high-quality processor for various sizes and types of self seal mailers, fully equipped with Miyakoshi’s original innovative methods and technologies.


・Direct mails
・Notification mails
・Promotional mails


  • Highly productive solution for personalized mailers assuring low consumable costs.
  • Post-glue method assures much lower material costs than conventional system.
  • High production speed of maximum 100m/min.
  • MCC18 type is capable of 2-up delivery of V-folded mailers.

Main Features

  • Pattern glue system enables to handle a range of mailers of V-fold, Z-fold and L-fold.
  • In-line personalization can be added by the use of inkjet printing system.
  • High-glossy finishing capability as fine as film-overlamination.

Main specifications

Model MCC13 MCC18
Max. web width 330.2mm (13.0”) 469.9mm (18.5”)
Max. glueing width 304.8mm (12.0”) 457.2mm (18.0”)
Max. speed 50m/min (20,000pcs/h) 100m/min (40,000pcs/h)
Folding patterns V-fold, Z-fold, L-fold

Machine composition figure