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Semi-rotary offset label press MEL

Entry model of Offset Semi-rotary label press inherited high technology and superb quality from best-selling MLP series.



・Food and beverage labels
・Cosmetic labels
・Wine labels
・Other labels in general


Automated make-ready control system and repeat data management system offer dramatic reduction of material wastage and job changeover times.

Regardless of the repeat length it always prints in 150 shots/mins providing stable and top-class high productivity as conventional semi-rotary machines. Maximum printing speed is about 49.5m/min.

Main features

Achieves competitive entry model press against various job demands with efficient productivity and excellent printing quality in reachable price.

Popular options equipped as standard including Web cleaner, automatic ink roller washer, oscillating roller cooling system, ink key remote control, registration monitoring camera, gap adjustment of die-cut cylinder and advanced cold start function.

Servo-driven system offers greater accuracy and stability of color-to-color register even after repeats of speed up/down.

One-size blanket can be used for all repeat lengths, therefore job-by-job exchange of blanket is no more necessary.

Electronic ink-key remote control system assures quicker color adjustment.

Compatible with a range of substrates including clear-on-clear films.

Main specifications

Model MEL13A
Max. speed 150 impressions/min
Max. web width 350mm
Max. print width 330mm
Repeat length 165.1~330.2mm
Max. roll diameter 600mm
Paper grammage 50~265gsm

Machine composition figure

Optional units

・Flat-bed screen unit
・Cold foil unit
・Hot foil unit
・Varnishing unit
・Embossing unit
・Laminating unit