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1. Business form

Cassette Inkjet unit MJP18HC

Cassette-type hybrid inkjet system that enables variable data imprinting in a single pass


・Bar code and QR code
・Replacement of store name and company name
・Variable numbers and control numbers
・Direct mail address printing


– Integrated printing press and printer in one production line.
By installing the cassette in the printing section of a Miyakoshi business form press, it enables one-pass processing of offset printing + variable information imprinting. Variable information is added in-line. Expands the possibility of new business.

– Quick delivery
Variable information imprinting can be added to existing conventional production press without adding any number of processes.

– Lower initial cost
High resolution + high production variable imprinting systems can be introduced at a low cost.

Main features

・By adopting the same specifications as the MJP series printheads, variable data printing can create added value and improve production efficiency while maintaining the production capacity of existing machines.

・The ability to print up to 432 mm wide can be used in a variety of applications, enabling effective use of existing equipment, increased utilization rates, and increased new business opportunities.

Main specifications

Printhead modules Monochrome, Width: 108mm
Number of printhead Up to 4 printheads
Inks UV black ink
Printing speed 600 × 600dpi: up to 75m/min
600 × 300dpi: up to 150m/min
Printing width 108mm / 1 head × Max. 4 heads = 432mm
Print timing Printed mark
Print rotation direction 0/90/180/270 degress
Print length 4 to 18 inches
Head movement Manual
Drying method UV drying *Not included in this sysytem