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Inkjet web-fed MJP20EX

The newest model of entry-level MJP pursues higher print quality by introducing 1200dpi printhead.


・Mailing services
・Correspondence education materials
・Commercial printing in general


・Variable-data printing
Fully variable printing system, which prints each page with different image and information, creates new value-added products which open up wider business possibilities.

・High-quality printing
High-resolution 1200 x 1200dpi printhead with variable droplet control enables more precise dot reproduction and rich tonal gradation, meeting the high-level demand from users who do not compromise on print quality.

・Shorter make-ready and minimize inventory
Reduced labor and inventory cost generate profitable business conditions.

Main features

・Space-saving design
Thanks to Miyakoshi’s original web pass design, a single tower can handle A3 duplex print, consequently making machine footprint much smaller.

・Highly accurate paper transport
Miyakoshi’s paper-transport technology that comes from long-year experience in business-form press manufacturing enables stable and accurate printing.

Main specifications

Printhead Piezoelectric dro on demand system
Max. Printing width 508mm
Max. Paper width 520.7mm
Resolution 1200 × 1200dpi
Number of color 4c/4c
Printing speed 1200 × 1200dpi (80m/min)
Dro control 1bit (Binary), 2bit (Gradation)
Usable ink Water-based pigment ink (specialized for MJP printer)
Drying system Hot air roll dry system