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Inkjet web-fed MJP20EXG

New generation for Data/Book print

Equipped with high speed on the fly RIP


Top-class productivity and high-quality products

Equipped with highest-in-class 1200 × 1200dpi printhead. Achieved 160mpm in 1200dpi x 600dpi mode and 80mpm in 1200dpi x 1200dpi mode. The ink uses a newly developed high-concentration water-based pigment ink. This meets the high productivity and quality required for Data/Book printing.

The smallest installation space in its class due to its ultra-compact design

The unique substrate transport and drying mechanism of one tower (without turn bar) has realized the smallest installation space in its class with a total length of 8110 mm. * In the case of roll to roll If you are considering replacement, it will fit within the existing installation space and will also contribute to securing space for the processing machine.

high speed on the fly RIP "Miyakoshi DFE" debut

Equipped with a newly designed Miyakoshi DFE. The RIP engine uses the fastest Harlequin Direct in partnership with Global Graphics. High-speed variable printing is possible on the fly by performing parallel processing. You can follow your machine’s maximum printing speed on the fly without any stress and renew your workflow.

In-line processing machine that expands business

A variety of Miyakoshi in-line processing machines realize high-precision processing and provide total support. This makes it possible to unify everything from blank paper to printing, processing, and commercialization, expanding the range of orders.


In addition, the system offers a variety of extended functions, such as automatic registration control, missing nozzle compensation, and others. By installing the most suitable function for each application, production efficiency can be further optimized. (Please contact us for details.)


Max. print width 508.0mm (20″)
Max. paper width 520.7mm (20.5″)
Print resolution 1200 × 1200dpi
Inks 4 colors (CMYK) × 4 colors (CMYK)
Print speed 80m/min (1200 × 1200dpi)
160m/min (1200 × 600dpi)
Workflow & RIP Miyakoshi DFE
Ink type New water-based pigment ink
Paper grammage 64~157gsm
Drying system Hot air roll dry
Max. paper diameter φ1270mm