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UV Inkjet Flexible Packaging MJP20/30W

State-of-the-art LED-UV inkjet press which enables small lots, variable and short lead-time products.

MJP20W / 30W UV inkjet press for flexible packaging brings an overwhelming advantage in small-lot film printing and will meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market such as the food packaging market.

Main features

– Meeting Small Lot
The flexible packaging market demands smaller lot sizes and meets the needs of the personal market.

-Cost Reduction by None-plate Printing
No plate making or cylinder storage costs are required due to plate less printing.

– Low-cost, high-speed printing
Compared to toner, the inkjet method achieves lower cost and higher printing speed, thereby improving production efficiency.

– Compatible with a wide range of substrates
Capable of printing on substrates from 12 microns in thickness and 300mm to 790mm in width on PET, OPP and NY flexible packaging films.

– Higher productivity of 50m/min
The use of high-sensitivity UV inks enables high productivity of 50m/min, and the five-color CMYKW is capable of both surface and back printing.

– High quality printing
The high resolution of 600dpi and the printing system prevents color mixing between colors, resulting in highlight-rich, blur-free, high-definition reproduction, even on films used in flexible packaging.

– Significantly reduced odor generation
Nitrogen purging technology, which suppress UV ink odor, reduces residual monomers, odor generation.

Main specifications

Model MJP20W MJP30W
Max. media width 580mm 790mm
Min. media width 300mm 495mm
Max. print width 508mm 752mm
Print speed 50m/min
Print resolution 600 × 600dpi
Applicable media PET, OPP, NY