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Full-rotary Label letterpress MTL

High performance label press with state-of-the-art full-servo direct drive technology achieving remarkable speed, quality and accuracy.


・Industrial labels
・Commodity labels
・Other labels in general


Less wastage

Short web pass and shaft-less direct drive offer remarkable register stability and low material wastage.

Less make-ready

Cassette-employed printing unit enables external setups to shorten job-changeover times.

Consistent quality

Ideal combination of sophisticated ink train diagram and gearless direct drive system drastically reduces printing defects such as ghost image and gear streaks.

Main Features

  • Fastest-in-class running speed of 100m/min among stacked or CI presses.
  • Numerical control of printing register contributes to reduced material waste.
  • External setup of ink washing and ink warm up is possible due to cassette-based printing units.
  • Compatible with existing cylinders from other press manufacturers.
  • Easy interchange of printing methods between letterpress and flexography

Main specifications

Max. web width 270.0mm
Min. web width 110.0mm
Max. print width 250.0mm
Min. print width 100.0mm
Paper thickness 60um ~ 200um
Max. speed 100m/min

Machine composition figure