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Variable perfect binder MVB

Perfectly suitable for finishing digital-printed rolls. With outstanding speed and accuracy, MVB offers ultimate production efficiency in on-demand printing.


・Transactional booklets
・Personalized study materials
・Promotional mailers


  • High-speed bookbinding capability of 150m/min.
  • Possible interconnection with a digital printer assures more efficient production.
  • Remarkable binding capacity of up to 800 pages (total thickness of up to 50mm).

Main Features

  • Fastest-in-class running speed of 30,000cut/hour at vertical A4 signature delivery.
  • In-line detection of pre-printed bar-code ensures no missing/overlapped pages.
  • Impeller-employed sheet accumulation system ensures great collating accuracy.

Main specifications

Finished size of signature A4 Vertical/Horizontal, A3 Horizontal
B5 Vertical/Horizontal, B4 Horizontal
Max. web width 520mm
Max. height of signature pile 50mm
Collating tolerance Within +/-1mm
Max. speed 150m/min

Machine composition figure