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3. Flexible packaging

Paper-bag making machine SB

The most advanced solution for paper-bag production. SB delivers high-quality bags of thin papers at remarkable speed of 120 bags/min.


・Medicine envelopes
・Shopping bags


Available for thin material

Improved design of sheet transport system enables handling of thin papers of 60gsm which conventional machines cannot handle.

Reduced space

Peripheral equipment like control cabinet and air-compressor are placed inside of the main machine, thus achieving minimum machine footprint.

Added value

Capable of producing streak-free envelopes which do not get stuck in a printer.

Main Features

  • Available to make bags with width of up to 650mm by means of double sheet system.
  • Optional solutions like punching, cardboard pasting and rope-handle adding are available at will.

Main specifications

Sheet size Max. 600mm x 450mm  Min. 290mm x 210mm
Paper grammage 60 ~ 120 g/m2
Bag width 90mm ~ 220mm
Bottom flap length 45mm ~ 110mm
Min. width between inner-ends of side flaps 40mm
Bottom turnback width 40mm ~ 80mm
Processing speed 30 ~ 120 bags/min.

Optional equipment

・Hot-melt gluer

Machine composition figure