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1. Business form

Hybrid web-fed offset press VAR

Electronically format-variable to minimize job changeover. VAR proudly offers great cost-effectiveness to short-run jobs for business forms.


・Short-run business forms
・Millimetric-sized jobs


  • No need of cassette changes due to accurate intermittent web feed, contributing to remarkable cost-effectiveness on short-run jobs.
  • Reduction of initial machine cost due to no need of buying a lot of expensive cassettes size-by-size.
  • Possible to run continuously at 200m/min by the use of MVF18B-type full-rotary cassette.

Main Features

  • Electronically format-variable via simple touch screen operation.
  • Compatible with repeat lengths of either of millimeter or inch.
  • Superior register accuracy achieved by the intelligent synchronization of servo drives.
  • Material-saving gapless printing is possible due to precise intermittent web feed.
  • Large-format printing can be done by means of skip printing.

Main specifications

Web width 177.8mm(7”) ~ 469.9mm(18.5”)
Max. print width 457.2mm(18”)
Repeat length (semi-rotary) 177.8mm(7”) ~ 381.0mm(15”)
Repeat length (full-rotary) 254.0mm(10”) ~ 457.2mm(18”)
Max. speed (semi-rotary) 200 impressions/min.
Max. speed (full-rotary) 200m/min

Machine composition figure