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Variable W-cutting machine

A processing machine that can cut the paper for attachments and package insert

The Variable W-Cutting Machine can produce the attached document to drugs or medical devices and the package insert with describing the potency of the drug.
It can be connected with in-line to the folding machine.

Main features

・The size of the top and bottom of the variable W cut can be changed by inputting numbers on the panel.
・The size of the dock can be changed by replacing the shims on the cut body (drawn to scale is possible)
・No cutting process is required because of drawn to scale
・Direct connection to the folding machine is possible.
・Paper weight range from 33g/m2 is available
・By installing an optional pattern inspection device, the defective products can be removed from the machine.
・Can be connected to other machines

Main specifications

Driving motion system Shaftless drive system
Max. paper width 400mm
Min. Paper width 150mm
Paper cor inner diameter 76~80mm
Max. machine speed 80m/min
Paper weight 33g/㎡~60g/㎡
Paper reference point GS
Power supply 200V, 50/60Hz