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Variable Post-processing machine VPR

A new generation of post process machine to meet various post processing needs and product forms. Powerful support for digital printing

The VPR is a new generation machine that provides powerful support for digital printing by allowing variable control of processing tools such as punching and horizontal and vertical perforations to support a variety of processing patterns.

Since the machine does not use any cassette, it can perform various types of job changes in a short time without the need to change cassettes, which in the past required replacing cassettes.
It also supports long size post processing, enabling flexible operation.


・No cassette is used, so no storage space is needed outside the machine, and operation can be done with a minimum installation area.

・All of the heavy items can be stored inside the machine. There is no need for off-machine replacement, resulting in a high level of safety.

・Each part is individually controlled by a servo motor without cassettes. So the job preparation can be done in a short time.

・Machining position can be adjusted by manual handle (hand crank) and push button. Easy to set up.

Main features

・Variable control of the processing tool by reading the data matrix code with embedded processing pattern information.
・Various product forms can be realized by corresponding to various punching and perforating patterns.
・Miyakoshi’s unique paper transport technology and pitch control maintain high post processing accuracy while being variable.
・Support for long length jobs that are not limited by fixed repeat lengths
・In-line connection to a printer or press is available upon request (discussion required).

Main specifications

Max. paper width 520.7mm (20.5 inches)
Max. processing width 508.0mm (20.0 inches)
paper weight 64~157g/㎡
Max. machine speed 50m/min
Max. paper roll diameter 50 inches (1,270mm)
Folding size 7 to 18 inches of in-track
7 to 20 inches of cross-track